ORCHID EDITION Suspension Light Nymphea Rattan

134.990 kr.

The AT-ONCE Studio, author of the BÔA sofa, the PANÔ elements, and the LIMBE wall lamp, continues its exploration of rattan's capacity to bend, by proposing this series of NYMPHEA suspensions, as graceful as they are structured.
Supplied with its socket fixing plate (E27, for LED bulbs), 1.5 m of cable, and a ceiling light cap, but without bulb. Structure in natural rattan with matt varnish made in Indonesia. Electrical equipment made in France.

Orchid Edition, a design editor, is a French brand founded in 1920 by Ledi-Krol family, specialized in high-end rattan furniture. The brand chose talented designers to create contemporary and timeless furniture and accessories, all handmade in rattan. The mix between young designers and traditional techniques allows rattan to be shown in a new light. Four French design studios are collaborating with Orchid Edition: AC / AL studio, At-Once, Guillaume Delvigne, Jean-Michel Policar.

Technical Description:
Two sizes: 82 cm x 82 cm x 9 cm & 112 cm x 112 cm x 9 cm (Weight: 0,9kg & 1,2kg)
Material:Natural peeled rattan with mat finish
Cleaning:Regularly remove dust with a wet cloth or with the brush of your vacuum cleaner. This product is made for indoor use only.

Average Delivery Time: 1-4 weeks.



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Ljós, Loftljós, Orchid Edition,

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