Moulin Roty has been a well-known French brand in the world of childhood for more than 45 years.

In 1972, a group of friends decided to share a common way of life by restyling vintage toys that were once made by their father or grandfather. Step by step, a whole universe of softness and colors was created and Moulin Roty became a major toy brand.

Moulin Roty focuses on emotion and quality, inventing characters, games and toys and telling stories for all those who keep their childhood soul.

You can discover their range of products through their well-known collections.

This brand is part of our Eco Label collection "Umhverfisvæn hönnun“ : traditional craftsmanship, carefully selected manufacturers, made of the highest quality materials.

MOULIN ROTY Ride-on Race Car Black
29.990 kr.
MOULIN ROTY Fishing game "Les Papoum"
4.990 kr.
MOULIN ROTY Guitar “Les Popipop”
6.990 kr.
MOULIN ROTY Ride-on Race Car Red
29.990 kr.
MOULIN ROTY 3D playmat “Les Papoum”
21.990 kr.
MOULIN ROTY Piano “Les Zig et Zag”
15.990 kr.
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