Höfats is a young German company that develops and markets products all around the issue of outdoor fire – so to say, Höfats brings fire into your life.

Fascinating and uncompromising products, accomplished by using materials of the highest quality, this is what Höfats stands for.

Höfats has received several design awards and is always in search of the optimum, always forging ahead for a new future, and always with perfection down to the smallest detail, in order to turn a strong idea into an authentic product.

HÖFATS Ellipse Firebowl
57.990 kr.
HÖFATS Cone Charcoal grill
139.990 kr.
HÖFATS Bowl Fire bowl With Tripod
59.990 kr.
HÖFATS Bowl Fire Bowl With Wirebase
49.990 kr.
HÖFATS Bowl Plancha
12.990 kr.
HÖFATS Bowl Cover
9.990 kr.
HÖFATS Beer Box Fire Basket
29.990 kr.
HÖFATS Cube Fire Basket
79.990 kr.
HÖFATS Cube Fire Basket Rusty
62.990 kr.
HÖFATS Cube Cover
9.990 kr.
HÖFATS Cube Plancha
9.990 kr.
HÖFATS Crate Fire Basket
29.990 kr.
HÖFATS Gravity Candle M90 Lantern
9.990 kr.
HÖFATS Refill Cup Spin 120
2.790 kr.
HÖFATS Refill Cup Spin 90
2.790 kr.
HÖFATS Torch Spin 120
27.990 kr.
HÖFATS Torch Spin 90
19.990 kr.
HÖFATS Tools Apron
9.990 kr.
HÖFATS Tools Tongs
5.590 kr.
HÖFATS Tools Steaktools
14.990 kr.
HÖFATS Tools Starter
9.990 kr.