RED EDITION Coffee Table Lounge Large Brass Band Green Marble

399.990 kr.

This low coffee table is a nod to the seventies. By rounding out the table’s corner, it has a more contemporary feel. Its mix of high-end materials and functional compartments furthers its place in modern design.
The surface is made of black smoked glass or marble. Both the frame and base are carved from stained-black matte-black wood, leaving just a hint of the wood’s natural grain.The glass surface is framed with solid brass. The recessed base gives the appearance that it is floating. Green marble slab surrounded with solid, brass finishing.

Created in 2007 by Cyril Laborbe, Red Edition is a Parisian brand creating modern and practicable furniture and home decor. Red Edition invites you to rediscover a French way of life with modern design codes. The collection is a clever mix of vintage inspiration and contemporary lines. The different pieces take their inspiration from the furniture of the 50s, 60s and 70s. The retro codes are revisited with modernity and elegance. Combining classic references with contemporary codes, the brand works with unprecedented material combinations and favors a high-end artisanal approach.

Technical Description :
Dimensions (cm) : Length x Depth x Height : L : 120 x D : 80 x H : 30
Weight: Black glass top: 50 kg Green marble top: 73 kg
Solid oak base lacquered in black matte. Available in 2 versions Brass band: Tabletop in black glass or green marble. Stainless steel band: Tabletop in black glass.
Made in Vietnam

Average Delivery Time : 2-8 weeks

Sendingarkostnaður á höfuðborgarsvæðinu (póstnr 101>225):

  • Undir 10.000 kr: 750 kr

  • Yfir 10.000: 0 kr

Sendingarkostnaður utan höfuðborgarsvæðisins (póstnr 230>902):

  • XS (< 3kg ) : 1.500 kr

  • S ( frá 3.1 til 10kg) : 2.500 kr

  • M (frá10.1 til 20kg) : 3.500 kr

  • L (frá 20.1 til 30kg) : 4.500 kr

  • XL (frá 30.1 til 50kg) : 5.500 kr

  • XXL (> 50kg) : 7.000 kr

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