IT’S ABOUT ROMI Suspension Light Chandelier Seattle

29.990 kr.

The Seattle Pendant light by Dutch designer lighting brand, It’s About Romi, is a modern twist on the traditional chandelier. This sleek, black iron pendant light has been inspired by Seattle, a city of towers and glass which is why It’s About Romi have featured this impressive chandelier design in their Citylights collection. The Seattle pendant lamp is designed to be a statement piece, not one that detracts from an overall room-space, but one that adds to it, illuminating brightly making it a perfect lighting solution for your home or commercial space. This modern chandelier displays six well-balanced bulbs from a central frame that is minimalistic in color, form and material.

It‘s About RoMi has a creative approach that has led to them becoming recognised internationally as an authority in contemporary lighting design. An unusual name, RoMi, which stands for “Realistic, Open Minded Individuals”, refers to the brands penchant for innovation and experimentation. Founded in Amsterdam in 1993, Its About RoMi ensures that its collections stay one step ahead of the curve by continuing to produce truly original designs.

Technical Description :
Dimensions : Height: 26cm x Diameter: 55cm / Ceiling Rose : Height: 4cm x Diameter: 14cm
Material Iron
Finish Black
Weight 2.7kg
Bulb 6 x E27 Max. 40W - Bulbs Not Included
Cable : 6 x 1.5 Meter Black Adjustable Fabric Cable

Average Delivery Time : 1-4 weeks


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