HÖFATS Crate Fire Basket

29.742 kr. 34.990 kr.

The name says it all and so much more: Crate follows in the footsteps of the legendary BEER BOX. While a beer crate was the source of inspiration for its little sister, Crate resembles a wine case or a fruit box. We traded the commonly used wood for high-quality corten steel. Thus a multi-functional product was born which serves many purposes: firewood storage, wine case, beer crate, fruit box, but also fire basket, stool and barbecue. How about a spontaneous trip to the lake? Crate is your perfect companion! Take along your firewood for an atmospheric campfire or a small barbecue as well as your drinks in this sturdy box.

Höfats is a young German company that develops and markets products all around the issue of outdoor fire – so to say, Höfats brings fire into your life. Fascinating and uncompromising products, accomplished by using materials of the highest quality, this is what Höfats stands for. Höfats has received several design awards and is always in search of the optimum, always forging ahead for a new future, and always with perfection down to the smallest detail, in order to turn a strong idea into an authentic product.

Technical Description :
- dimensions (cm) : 40x30x27
- fire basket, grill and stool in one
- also useable for beverages, as wine case, beer crate, wood storage, fruit box etc.
- corten steel developing a unique, living patina
- long
-lasting stainless steel riveting
- stackable on / in combination with other CRATES

- sold with a grid and a board

Average Delivery Time: 1-4 weeks.

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Heimsending á höfuðborgarsvæðinu (póstnr 101>225 /270/271/276):
S (< 10kg ): 1.200 kr.
M (frá 10.1 til 20kg): 1.500 kr.
L (frá 20.1 til 50kg): 2.500 kr.
XL (> 50kg): 3.000 kr.

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S (< 10kg ): 2.500 kr.
M (frá 10.1 til 20kg): 4.500 kr.
L (frá 20.1 til 50kg): 6.500 kr.
XL (> 50kg): 8.500 kr.

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