GOOD&MOJO Floor Lamp Everest

99.990 kr.

The Good & Mojo Everest Floor Lamp is named after the highest mountain in the world. This sleek and minimal floor lamp design measures at 157cm height and has a diameter of 60cm overall. This lamp consists of four thick and flat legs that meet together at the top in a triangular point and a wide cross base at the bottom. The lamp shade is smooth and curved material lamp shade in multiple colors. The Everest Floor Lamp is a perfect lighting solution for any room in your house whether you are looking for a corner light, sofa side table light, bedroom lamp or a lamp for your office space.

Good & Mojo by It's About Romi (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) only uses sustainable materials in their designs. The lighting from the Good & Mojo collection is made from recycled rubber, volcano stone, bamboo... It is always a challenge for the designers to find the right materials that are also stylish and fit the designs. For every Good & Mojo lamp sold, It's About Romi donates 5% to the Waka Waka foundation.

Technical Description :
Measurements: Overall Height: 157cm x Diameter: 60cm / Shade : Height: 30cm x Diameter: 60cm
Material Bamboo
Colors : White / Black
Weight 2.7kg
Bulb E27 Max. 60W - Bulb Not Included
Cable 2.5m Grey Fabric Cable
Functions Foot Switch

Average Delivery Time : 1-4 weeks


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