DRUGEOT Tall Chest Bric 60

254.992 kr. 299.990 kr.

BRIC has 3 large doors and 1 drawer, offering a lot of storage and functionality. Add the colors of your choice and you get a tall chest in harmony with your interior. Very compact, it brings a decorative storing solution in tight spaces (entrance hall, living room, bedroom, bathroom).

You could choose different colors for customizable areas (A, B, C, D). You could see the possibilities in picture number 4. Just write your choice in comments (one color per area), when purchasing this design.

The super stylish Drugeot Manufacture is a must know French brand, manufacturer of high quality furniture. The brand's production has been based in the Loire Valley in France for over 30 years. They use solid wood from French forests exclusively (oak, ash and beech), and the wood offcuts and shavings are recycled. In the workshops, manual work mixes with computer numerical control machining: compliance with traditional manufacturing and modernity are complementary. The proximity of the production enables to provide made-to-measure and customised furniture.

Technical Description :
Dimensions (cm) : Height x Width x Depth : 117x 64,5 x 37
Dimensions (cm) of the large door : Height x Depth : 60 x 60
Dimensions (cm) of the medium door : Height x Depth : 60 x 30
Dimensions (cm) of the small door : Height x Depth : 30 x 30

Dimensions (cm) of the drawer: Height x Depth x Width : 17 x 86 x 27,5
Push to Open doors and drawers. Drawers on invisible Hettich slides.
Delivered assembled with an internal tray table adjustable in height with brackets in each compartment. Sliding pads.
French solid oak from sustainable French forests.
Doors and back panel solid oak type veneer.
Designed and made in Anjou (France).
Finishing : Natural matt varnished

Average Delivery Time : 1-8 weeks

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