The Staub brand has its origins in France – more precisely in Alsace, a region world-famous for its culinary artistry and good food.

The product range focuses on cast-iron and ceramic cookware for consumers who seek the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and taste.

Staub products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

Renowned restaurateurs the world over have come to appreciate the high quality of the products, which explains why they are not just used in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants.

This brand is part of our Eco Label collection "Umhverfisvæn hönnun“ : made in France, traditional craftsmanship, carefully selected manufacturers, made of the highest quality materials.

STAUB Bouillabaisse Cocotte 28 cm
47.990 kr.
STAUB Fish Dish 32 cm
36.990 kr.
STAUB Cheese Dome 32 cm
7.990 kr.
STAUB Wok Black 30 cm
29.990 kr.
STAUB Pumpkin Cocotte 24 cm
41.990 kr.
STAUB Tomato Cocotte 22 cm
39.990 kr.
STAUB Artichoke Cocotte 25 cm
39.990 kr.
STAUB Fondue Set Black 20 cm
29.990 kr.
STAUB Sauce Pan Round Black 10 cm
25.990 kr.
STAUB Fondue Set Black 16 cm
25.990 kr.
STAUB Mussel Pot Oval 25 cm
25.990 kr.
STAUB Terrine Rectangular Black 30 cm
23.990 kr.
STAUB Fish Pan Black Oval 31 cm
22.990 kr.
STAUB Pure Grill Round Black 26 cm
22.990 kr.
STAUB Sauce Pan Round Light Grey 14 cm
19.990 kr.
STAUB Trivet Round Wood 23 cm
5.990 kr.
STAUB Spoon Olive Wood 31 cm
4.190 kr.
STAUB Spatula Olive Wood 33 cm
4.190 kr.