STAUB Fish Dish 32 cm

41.990 kr.

This Staub cocotte is perfect for making fresh fish dishes. The advantages of enamelled cast iron come into their own with this product: the material releases the absorbed heat slowly and evenly, which ensures the desired gentle cooking process, especially with fish dishes.
The low profile keeps the inner volume as small as possible and the moisture concentrates on the food. When serving, the beautiful majolica enamel and the elaborate decoration on the lid leaves no doubt about the main ingredient, nor the stylish taste of the chef.
This fish cocotte is a truly stunning addition to any serious chef's cookware collection.

The Staub brand has its origins in France – more precisely in Alsace, a region world-famous for its culinary artistry and good food. The product range focuses on cast-iron and ceramic cookware for consumers who seek the authentic and emotional experience of cooking and taste. Staub products perfectly combine traditional craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. Renowned restaurateurs the world over have come to appreciate the high quality of the products, which explains why they are not just used in the kitchens of prestigious restaurants.

Technical Description :
In majolica colour from the "La Mer" range
Made of enamelled cast iron
Suitable for oven use and all types of stoves
Made in France
Perfect for slow cooking melt-in-your-mouth fish dishes
Low internal volume keeps moisture locked into the ingredients within
Base Diameter: 30 x 20 cm
Diameter: 33 x 20 cm
Height: 10.7 cm
Length: 41 cm
Volume: 2.8 l
Weight: 2.25 kg
Width: 23.4 cm

Delivery Time : 1-4 weeks

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