HÖFATS Tools Starter

10.990 kr.

Höfats chimney starter can be used like a normal one, but also according to the Höfats ignition principle. With the höfats ignition principle, the chimney starter does not have to be turned around, but only pulled upwards.There are no flying sparks or ashes. The höfats lighting solution is therefore much safer and comfortable compared to conventional chimney starters. BBQ Starter includes 2,5 kg of the Kohlemanufaktur premium coal briquettes and also 4 fuel pastes – the best fuel in the BBQ market. These combination allows firing without producing any smoke and thus no harmful substances for humans and nature alike.

Höfats is a young German company that develops and markets products all around the issue of outdoor fire – so to say, Höfats brings fire into your life. Fascinating and uncompromising products, accomplished by using materials of the highest quality, this is what Höfats stands for. Höfats has received several design awards and is always in search of the optimum, always forging ahead for a new future, and always with perfection down to the smallest detail, in order to turn a strong idea into an authentic product.

Technical Description :
- dimensions (cm) : Ø 19, H 31
- 100 % stainless steel
- chimney starter for comfortable, secure and quick lighting
- handle maximally becomes hand-warm
- höfats lighting principle: emptying the embers without turning around
- 2,5 kg capacity

Average Delivery Time : 1-4 weeks


: HöfatsSkrautvara

Borðbúnaður, Eldhúsáhöld, Höfats, Nýtt, Skrautvara,

Sendingarkostnaður á höfuðborgarsvæðinu (póstnr 101>225):

  • Undir 10.000 kr: 750 kr

  • Yfir 10.000: 0 kr

Sendingarkostnaður utan höfuðborgarsvæðisins (póstnr 230>902):

  • XS (< 3kg ) : 1.500 kr

  • S ( frá 3.1 til 10kg) : 2.500 kr

  • M (frá10.1 til 20kg) : 3.500 kr

  • L (frá 20.1 til 30kg) : 4.500 kr

  • XL (frá 30.1 til 50kg) : 5.500 kr

  • XXL (> 50kg) : 7.000 kr

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