Welcome to La BOUTIQUE Design

We are an Icelandic home & design online shop featuring high-end French/European design at a price comparable with the ones to be found in Europe. La Boutique Design offers quality pieces with an ecological approach from the brands we love and trust. Here’s a little something about us.

Why we do it
I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality and style of Icelandic and Scandinavian design when I first moved to Iceland. Its sleek, minimalist and functional approach appealed to me. However, I felt there was something missing. I missed the boldness, color and eccentricity in the design around me from my native France. After living in Lyon and Paris for most of my life, studying and working in business and sales, I settled in beautiful Iceland.

Living here has inspired me in so many ways. For that, I am very grateful and in turn, I want to share my knowledge, experience and passion for design and quality products. With La Boutique Design I want to bring something new to Icelanders, something classic with a modern “twist “. Trough our online shop we offer high-end products that we love and trust. You will find a lot of French design (of course!) but also international brands that we want to promote and make available to Icelanders.

How we do it
We choose to work with brands that have an ecological approach in order to ensure that we offer you the very best selection of sustainable design, respecting the planet and the people. We want to highlight their work and commitment with our “Eco Label” selection.

Our suppliers keep the product in stock. As soon as we receive your order we purchase it from our supplier. We then group and transport all your orders, minimizing the cost of delivery as well as the carbon footprint. You can expect to receive your order between 1 and 4 weeks after your place it with us. To make things as easy as possible for our customers, our prices on the website include transportation cost to Iceland, custom clearance and taxes.

La Boutique Design is so much more than a simple online shop. Our priority is your satisfaction and we are here for you via web, email, social media or by phone to ensure that your shopping experience is a pleasant one and tailored to your needs. Not only do we offer free delivery on all orders in Höfuðborgarsvæðið, we can also bring your order all the way into your home, regardless of size or weight.

What we do it
Our products are created to become a part of your home, pieces that you cherish. Exceptional quality and the attention to detail is a high priority of ours, something you can see in the choice of materials, forms, patterns and approach to colors in our items. All these factors matter greatly to us, so when shopping at La Boutique Design, you can be sure that you are receiving a unique product of the very best quality available.

Each of our design is handpicked to ensure that it shares our values and vision. We work with our suppliers directly, making the path of the product from its maker and into your hands a clear and straight one. The fact that we are a 100% online company means no additional cost for an actual shop, a showroom or warehouse space. This is also beneficial to our customers because it allows us to offer a large selection of high-end products in Iceland at a price that is in every way comparable to the ones to be found in Europe.

I look forward to hearing from you and assist you in every way possible. Have a great shopping experience at La Boutique Design !

All the best,