We are committed to promote high-end, sustainable and eco-friendly design.

The essence of La Boutique Design is our passion for beautiful things, exceptional pieces that are made with exclusive knowledge and in harmony with the environment. We strive to work with brands that have an ecological approach, respecting the planet and the people, to ensure that we offer you the very best selection of sustainable design (link to the collection).

All products with an “Eco Label” meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • European and Local Production: An ideology respectful of the environment, combined with a requirement for traceability as well as a social and cultural commitment. Transport is limited and communities are involved in the process. Being able to answer the questions: “Where does this item come from?“ and “Who made it?“.

  • Recycle Materials: Materials have always been a great source of inspiration. Via the lens of the ecological challenge, reusing materials and rethinking their original function encourages creativity. Stemming from oceans, gleaned from fields, harvested from trees or literally transformed, the designers create what will make up our future objects. Linen, apple, recycled plastic, eco-certified wood and even nettle fiber, forge new values for eco-design and reinvent raw materials.

  • Quality of raw materials and durability: Quality is our priority and attention to detail is everything. It all starts with the choice of materials to be utilized, the form, patterns and colors. All these details create the exceptional final product. Discover these products with a simple and timeless design so that they can exist comfortably through the decades, always in style. Whether it is reducing the amount of transport, sustainable management of raw materials, the optimal use of materials or respecting quality demands, protecting the planet is applied to every aspect.

  • Crafts: The craftsmanship celebrates the creativity behind the design, ultimately making the piece an exceptional one. From the first sketch to the finished product, working by hand is becoming an essential link. We are not opposing man against machine, and we think that traditional manufacturing and modernity are complementary. But manual work mixed with computer numerical control machining helps our supplier to provide made-to-measure and customized furniture while managing costs, quality and lead-time.

  • Innovation & Eco Production: Innovation often takes place at the heart of the finished product, but is not always visible when it appears in the production process. This collection strives to promote all the best practices in terms of sustainable use, for example, renewable energy with a low environmental impact, and utilizing every technique there is in order to reduce the ecological footprint of those creations.