Aesthetic sustainability is key to all the products of the Danish brand Handvärk.

Handvärk is a high-end brand offering handcrafted furniture in steel, iron, brass, marble and leather of the highest quality. These are all very precious and heavy materials to work with, which means they have had to come up with innovative solutions in regard to the production, assembling and packing of the products.

In an effort to create furniture that will last a lifetime, they take no shortcuts. Working with genuine marble, solid brass and aniline leather, materials that only become more beautiful over time.

Design that above all stays true to the Nordic DNA which imbues Handvärk.

HANDVÄRK Mirror The Shadow 180x80cm
194.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Floor Lamp Globe Black
169.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Rug The Dark Spine 200x300 cm
389.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Table Lamp Studio Black
59.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Floor Lamp Studio Black
119.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Floor Lamp Studio Black & Brass
134.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Desk Black Frame Black Laminate
229.990 kr.
HANDVÄRK Desk Black Frame Black Marble
269.990 kr.